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I had a completely different story all lined up for you today, but I can’t seem to keep my mind on anything except your terrific performance today. You make Mommy so proud already! Today we had another doctor’s appointment and ultrasound and your Granny went with us (Mommy’s Mommy – you’ll learn more about her later and why she wants to be called Granny).

Daddy met us at the doctor’s office and we had our ultrasound first. The first thing I saw was your sweet little face with your hand held close as if to shield your eyes from our attention. Being able to see your dainty little features while you’re still inside me is an overwhelming feeling! Our ultrasound tech then went on to measure your head (thankfully not too big … yet) and your belly and then we looked at some of your organs. We saw your kidneys and your bladder, but there is nothing sweeter than seeing and hearing your little heart just pumping away as perfectly as it should be … at a very respectable 147 beats per minute.

We got a few more measurements and found out that you are a little more than 18 inches long and officially weigh in at 5 pounds 9 ounces. This means that your size is just right for your due date and we just need to keep you safe and sound for a few more weeks while you plump up a little more and let you lungs finish developing. Next week is Thanksgiving, so there will be plenty of plumping going on!!!

After the ultrasound, Daddy headed back to work and Mommy had a quick appointment with one of her doctors. And the doctor said that everything is just right and you are progressing well, and that you are definitely not ready to make your entrance just yet.

So after our appointments, Granny drove us home and then Mommy went to work. I know you realize how busy Daddy and I are at work and I appreciate your patience as we tote you around from job to job. My mind was so much more at peace as we worked this afternoon and I had a little bit of extra energy just from seeing you this morning.

You keep doing your thing in there … you’re doing fantastic and Mommy is very proud of you! Only a few more weeks until Daddy and I get to hold you and trust me, you’re going to LOVE your Daddy’s hugs (they’re so cozy and warm and will make you feel so secure)!



Yes, my little sweetie, Mommy is indeed having a few sleeping issues these days. I told Daddy this morning that we’re all set – I’m officially trained to take the 1am and 4am feeding shifts because I’m up anyway. I just lay there night after night (tired), but unable to fall asleep. I don’t feel terribly uncomfortable physically and you definitely let me know when you’re not (I get it, I get it … one poke means “change positions” two pokes means “NOW MOMMY!”).

So I lay there thinking of you and what it will be like to hold you. I wonder if you’ll have hair when you’re born (we’re guessing no since Mommy has been heartburn free and bald babies run in my family), how big you’ll be, and what the weather will be like on the day you are born. I wonder if you’ll come into this world kicking and screaming or if you’ll be calm and laid back. I wonder whether you’ll be born during the day or at night and if there will be snow falling (I’m not counting on it though, we had seventy degree temperatures here this past weekend – CRAZY). I wonder how long our stay in the hospital will be and I think about bundling you up for the car ride home. I think about walking into our home for the first time with you and I wonder where our favorite spot to hold you will be (I’m guessing the rocking recliner we bought a few months ago … just for you!).

Laying awake all night doesn’t allow me to be the most alert and productive person I could be during the day, but I wouldn’t trade these sleepless nights for anything. I think that I’m finally learning that being wrapped up in work and how much I can do is NOT what life is all about. Being wrapped up in you right now just feels …. right!


PS- Now I really need a tissue and am glad I haven’t put any makeup on yet because the tears are literally rivers down my cheeks. Yep, my emotions are in overdrive!

First of all, hip hip hooray for a fairly restful night of sleep last night … we should definitely do that more often, huh?

So I got up this morning and before I could even begin to wonder what little bits of wisdom I could pass on to you today, Daddy took care of everything! Daddy had already been up for a while (I warned you – he is a serious morning person) and as soon as I emerged from the bedroom he gently grabbed me and said “you have to watch this – it’s awesome and I want you to start your day with these thoughts!”. (Daddy actually saw this video on the Upgrade Reality blog – so a big Thanks to Diggy for sharing it).

There is no way for us to pass these lessons on to you in any better way – we could never say them better ourselves. Just know that Daddy & I believe all of these truths that you just heard – you are greatness, develop your skills, be the best you that you possibly can, and don’t let anyone EVER tell you that you can’t do something … not even us!


PS- You’ll get to know this Will Smith guy a little later as the Pursuit of Happyness is one of our all time favorite movies!

Guess what? You have more clothes than Mommy and you’re still in my tummy. While I don’t know that this statement is actually true … I could probably verify that you have more clothes that will actually fit you when you’re born than Mommy will. It seems that everyone loves to buy teeny tiny outfits (but let’s face it – they are so stinkin’ adorable) and buy them we do. Most of them were bought by friends and relatives (your grandmas and aunts are super fantastic shoppers), but Mommy and Daddy picked out a few special items too. Like the most adorable Christmas outfit … (have I mentioned yet that I’d REALLY like for you to be here by Christmas), I can’t wait for you to wear it!

The lesson here is simple – you’ll really need to enjoy this time in your life … when everything looks adorable on you and you don’t have to try things on before we buy them. I stress this because you’re a girl and will one day be a woman and the makers of women’s clothes have conspired against us to make us crazy in our search for the perfect fitting wardrobe – it’s a fact! In the very same day … you may have to buy 3 different sizes of pants just because they are different brands – but my advice would be to find the brand with the smallest “fitting” size and buy those in every color they have. In the long run it’s much better for your sanity and self-esteem.

I won’t spoil the surprise and describe all of the great clothes you already have … I’ll save that for one day when you’re here and we can go through them together.


PS- As long as you’re in diapers it will always be cute for an outfit to make your butt look big:)

don’t be a crap magnet …

I know that you are the most in tune person with how Mommy is feeling and today hasn’t been the best, has it? I was pretty much annoyed with the day before it even truly got going. After reading some really positive and uplifting information in SUCCESS Magazine, I felt great! Most of this issue is dedicated to building and fostering great relationships and recognizing what is really most valuable in our lives. Then, somehow (without my knowing) some nasty little negative feeling came creeping into Mommy’s mind. I started thinking ahead about all of the little annoyances that could/would happen at work and … guess what? … they showed up just like I thought they would. I’ve let all the little things get to me and to be honest with you it really has made me question how I’ll help you when you’re having a rough day. So, I’ve spent the majority of my day so far trying to figure out what I’d say to you when you’re bummed – so here goes:


Spending your time focusing on what’s wrong will only continue to bring you more of what’s wrong. Spending your time focusing on feeling bad and feeling angry will only continue to bring you more bad and angry feelings. You will certainly have days when you are upset and frustrated by the circumstances in life that are not under your control (and if you’re a control freak like Daddy and I – that will mean EXTREME frustration sometimes!) and you are always entitled to your feelings. My advice to you, my little sweetie, is just don’t let yourself dwell in that place. Take yourself to a place that makes you feel wonderful – for me, right now, it’s thinking about holding you in my arms for the first time. Even though I’ve yet to experience it, I’m quite certain that when I do, there isn’t anything that anyone will be able to say or do in that instant to make me feel anything other than overwhelming joy, excitement and love. And … always, always, always count your blessings – it’s the quickest way to receive more of them!

Tomorrow we go to see the doctor again (34 week visit) to check on your progress, but I can already tell that you’ve gotten bigger and stronger (enough with the elbow jabs) and are getting close to your big arrival. Thank you for reminding me how much Daddy & I have to be thankful for – this pregnancy has been nothing short of wonderful and Mommy is so happy that we are both healthy!


Seriously, we did. Actually I need to rephrase … Daddy put up the Christmas tree today. It’s not decorated yet and in reality it only took about 5 minutes (God bless the person who invented the pre-lit 4 piece tree!), but I’ve been asking to put it up for about a month and now it’s up.

Here’s the deal – I’m getting a little nervous about when you will actually make your arrival and beginning to panic a bit about all that comes with having a baby during the holiday season. The next few weeks are really busy at work for Daddy and I and then we have Thanksgiving thrown in the mix as well. I haven’t actually purchased a single Christmas present yet, but I believe that all things are possible … with Amazon.

I promise you though, I won’t let you down … the Christmas tree will be decorated, you will have a stocking, and Christmas music will be loaded for immediate enjoyment. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to make sure you are here by December 25th. Actually, I REALLY need you here by then. We have relatives coming into town and everyone is sooooo anxious to meet you – and it would really help Mommy out because if you’re here then nobody will really care what we get them for Christmas! No pressure though, all Daddy and I want for Christmas is you!

Whew … I feel better just getting that out. Now, Mommy has to get back to eating chocolate chips from the 72 oz bag Daddy bought at Sam’s … you know you love ’em too!


no fear …

Today, Daddy and I decided to put our new slow cooker to use. Neither of us has ever used one but it seems pretty simple – dump in ingredients, turn on, come home to a yummy meal. Now just because it sounds simple doesn’t mean I can’t screw it up but I’m not afraid to try … and we have frozen pizza on standby for backup!

This whole slow cooker thing is a pretty minor example of what I really want to share with you about not being afraid to try something different in life. Your life will be in constant state of change and if it’s not …. well, that’s when you need to give yourself a little kick in the pants to get going again. You see, if you aren’t changing then you aren’t growing and growth is what life is all about. Learn new stuff all the time. One day you might want to try dancing (fyi – if you have any talent in this area it does NOT come from Mommy) and then maybe you’ll want to learn how to cook (I can teach you to make pumpkin roll) and then on the day you say you want to play basketball – watch out because Daddy will be so happy he’ll probably be crying!!!!

Fear holds too many people back from pursuing what they really want in life and I can give you a great example.  Even though I knew in my heart how much I wanted you in my life, I was afraid that I might not be a good enough Mommy or that Daddy would think I was crazy, and so I walked around carrying this little empty feeling inside me for a few months before I got the courage up to tell Daddy my feelings.  Well, what a waste of time that was … Daddy was so happy and we immediately started talking about how our life would change and how exciting it would be to have you in our lives.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t still have things in life that I’m afraid of (giving birth to you, not knowing how to be a great Mom, jumping out of airplanes, etc.), but they won’t stop me from trying and learning and growing (except maybe the jumping out of airplanes – I just can’t wrap my mind around the value in that one). 

And … I can’t wait to encourage you and all the dreams you have for yourself!


PS – Keep your little fingers crossed for a yummy chicken and carrots and potatoes dinner tonight … can you smell it already? I can.

I think I’m going to start a new category on this blog and we’ll file some of this information under Stuff I Want You to Know. 

Parking on sidewalks is not a good idea and just because you may see other people do it does not mean you should or that it is OK.  Now I’m not talking about some emergency situation that calls for drastic action (ie; burning building, earthquake, blah blah blah), I’m talking about when you pull into a parking lot or up to a bulding that has street parking.  You see my little sweetie, sidewalks were designed as a safe place for people to walk and roads were designed for cars to drive on … but apparently some people have gotten that confused. 

In addition to it not being safe … everyone (almost) who sees that you’ve done it will have to question your intelligence (with good reason).  The bottom line is this – don’t park on sidewalks (not even one tire) … and stay far far away from people who do.


ahhhhhhh ……

I was going to thank you for letting Mommy sleep well last night, but I’m not sure if you let me or if I slipped into some kind of coma. I was definitely so tired when we went to bed last night that I don’t even remember my head touching the pillow. So if you were indeed moving around a lot … I’m sorry for ignoring you. And don’t let it worry you that I may do that once you’re here, because even if I do slip into one of these little sleep comas, you can be assured that you’ll have Daddy’s full attention.

You’re Daddy is the BEST! And… he’s a bigtime morning person. I foresee mornings when I get up to find you in his arms – a bottle for you and his usual coffee cup at hand. By the way, he likes his coffee black, so you have to be careful because if he’s been up for a while before you, he’s already full of energy and ready to go – just ask for a little shot of chocoalte syrup in your bottle and you should be go to go! Then you’ll sit down together to check his e-mail …. hmmmmm …. maybe we should get you an e-mail account also so that you don’t feel left out. Anyway, after e-mail checking you’ll probably move on to reading some good stuff. Daddy and I follow quite a few terrific authors, bloggers, and other successful people online and try to fill our minds with positive and motivational thoughts for the day. And we want those positive and happy thoughts for you as well.

When you’re able to talk, it won’t hurt to get up chanting “more good stuff, more good stuff, more good stuff”!

OK, enough for now, time for Mommy to go take a shower and get ready for work.


Well, right now it’s actually 4:27am on November 3, 2009 and you don’t have the hiccups anymore … but Mommy is up so we’re just going to get to work on this little project now. Daddy and I have been talking about keeping a journal for you for months (so that you would know what it was like while we anxiously awaited your arrival), but until now, I didn’t know where to start. While I was laying in bed with you (gently nudging me) I wondered how I could possibly go all the way back to the beginning – the day when we found out that you were on your way – but then I figured I could just jump right in where we are now and fill in the blanks along the way.

So here we are – 33 weeks along in this journey and knowing that you are going to be here very very soon! You are getting big … and so is Mommy … but that may have something to do with daily doses of chocolate chips (I never did this before I was pregnant).
And saying that you are extremely active may be the understatement of the century. I’m pretty darn sure you are super strong – just like Daddy and that for a while you were using my ribs as a chin up bar. Well, now that you are officially head down, you’ve been working those legs and little rear end of yours like crazy and I’m pretty sure you’ll have legs and buns of steel (one day you’ll have to look that up to find out what that means – I wonder if google will still be around for you to use….).

By the way, your official due date is December 20, 2009 – just so you know. Daddy thinks you’ll be coming early and has even predicted December 6 or 8 for your arrival. I’m not so sure – you seem to have a little mind of your own and certainly like to make your own decisions. I do hope that you find your way into this world before Christmas though, because we’ll have lots of family here and everyone wants to meet you. Don’t worry though – I’m going to make sure they’ve all had their flu shots!

I’m certain that for you won’t touch the ground for quite some time … I can’t wait to hold you and Daddy is equally anxious … and the rest of your family – well, let’s just say that there may be a few fights over who gets to hold you next and for how long! You have a great family (we’ll get you up to speed on who’s who a little later) and more love coming your way than you can imagine – so hang on kiddo … it’s going to be a fun ride!

OK, so now Daddy is up also and has the coffee brewing (none for me for a couple more months) and is getting to work on his computer and you’ve just decided to change positions, so now I’m going to start making a list of the things we want to share with you so that we can work into this slowly -although I know you’re already a fast learner – did someone say genius???? OK OK – enough with the bragging Mommy stuff – you sleep and I’ll make my lists.