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my first time out …

Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday  –  the goal is to grab one hour of time within one month to do whatever you want…without the kids. It’s such an amazing proposition, I know! On the last Thursday of each month, post how you spent your time out and be sure to stop here to link up and meet other Theta Moms to see how they spent their time out!

This is my first go at this Time out for Theta Mom post and honestly up until now I haven’t been qualified to write one of these.  Sure, I’m new to all of this Mommy stuff as my little one is just 3 months old, but until yesterday I had never actually been away from my sweet little girl for a whole hour.  No, I’m not kidding and please don’t judge me. 

Yesterday was the big day … can you say separation anxiety? … but I took the plunge and actually left her home with Daddy for an hour and half while I went to get my haircut.  Just to give you a little background, I used to be one of those working women who was great about keeping my hair cut and colored and going to the salon has always been like a little escape for me.  Now flashback to last October – this is literally the last time I was at the salon.  I was seven months pregnant and not due until December 20th and I was sure I’d be back for a cut before my little one would be born.  WRONG-O!!!  The holidays came fast and furious as well as doctor’s appointments and wrapping up jobs at work which left no time for another trip to the salon.

Sydney arrived on Christmas Eve and since then she has been my world.  Life as I knew it was forever changed (for the better of course) and I have basically done nothing for myself since that time.  It’s not that I haven’t had the support or encouragement of my family, it’s simply that I haven’t been able to let go.  But I couldn’t handle how my hair was looking (YIKES!) any more and it was well past time to take care of business. 

As I left for my hair appointment I realized I suddenly had the freedom to listen to whatever music I wanted and however loud I wanted … OK, this is kind of nice.  Then, I was greeted at the door with a hug by my stylist (we’ve been friends since high school and she’s been cutting my hair for about 13 years) and we spent the next hour catching up on 5 months worth of gossip and chatting about my new baby.  The appointment flew by, but the best part was how I felt when it was over.  Not only did I get to show off pictures and brag about my new little girl, but my hair looked amazing which made me feel amazing … a feeling I haven’t had in a very long time!

I seriously felt like I should go do something else (shopping anyone?) because I was on cloud nine, but I knew I needed to get home so that my husband could get to work (thank goodness we own our own business and he can stay home so I can get a haircut!).  I drove home performing my own personal (VERY LOUD) concert and actually bounced in the door wearing my flashiest grin.  “WOW, you look great” was the first thing my husband said and the only thing I needed to hear.  I can honestly say that I won’t feel guilty about taking some time for myself every now and again – I need to feel like I did yesterday.  And I now know that even when I’m wearing sweats and lots of drool – I can still look hot! 

So there it is, my first official Time out for Theta Mom Thursday post, I hope you did something wonderful for yourself as well.

the strongest most determined little girl we've ever met!

Yep, that’s you standing (with a little help from the leather couch and your sticky feet) and we took this 2 days ago.  You’ve pretty much been refusing to sit down when anyone holds you for several weeks now and your doctor said to let you stand as much as you want since it will only build your muscles and make you stronger.  He also said not to listen to anyone that says that letting you stand will make you bow-legged as that is not how your bones grow. You get stronger and stronger everyday and we had to capture this moment the other night when it was obvious you were strong enough to support your own 13 pounds.  You are one strong (and strong-willed) little girl and Daddy and I couldn’t be happier.

Happy 3 month birthday my little sweetie!



you should be the e*trade baby

our new financial advisor

show me the nap!

Your stats as of last weeks check-up: 

12 pounds, 7 ounces (85th percentile) – that is up 1 pound, 6 ounces since your last visit. 

24.5 inches long (90-95th percentile) – you’ve grown 1 inch in the past month. 

This week's goal .... better napping!


Your personality is developing more and more everyday and it’s becoming quite clear that you prefer not having your routine messed with.  You wake up extremely happy in the mornings (a trait you definitely inherited from Daddy) with plenty of smiles to go around.  You are also beginning to laugh a little more and there is simply no sweeter sound to Mommy’s ears.  You have discovered your own voice and you seem to like hearing yourself chatter.  You play with the volume quite a bit, but when you are unhappy about something, your volume goes straight to LOUD!  And for the past few evenings you haven’t been very happy about going to bed.  I’m not sure why though, since your routine hasn’t changed, but let’s just say that we’d be delighted to see those little screaming tantrums vanish without a trace.  Your feeding routine has been pretty consistent as far as times are concerned, but you seem to be chowing down a little less formula at each feeding (compared to 2 weeks ago).  Napping is where we could use a little more routine … you’re showing yourself to be a cat-napper with 20 minutes here and 15 minutes there, but not having nice long naps at the same times everyday.  I do think that this may have something to do with your evening meltdowns, that you may just be overly tired or overly stimulated.  Mommy’s going to work with you this week and see if we can establish some specific napping times and make that more of a routine for you as well. 

You are a beautiful bundle of energy and I’m so excited to watch you grow.  You make Daddy and I smile and laugh everyday and even though you’ve only been with us for 2 and half months, you’ve changed our life forever.  



wake up call

This video was taken just about a week ago.  This was one of your last mornings waking up in your bassinet since we put together and moved you into your crib last weekend.  I think this is about the sweetest little wake up I’ve ever seen and this is how it goes sometimes when both of your parents are professional photographers.  Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.



4 band-aids

So most people wouldn’t find it to be a smart idea to give up their gym membership right after having a baby, but that’s exactly what Daddy and I just did.  Here’s the deal … we love the gym that we belonged to but now that you’re with us, it’s been tough to find the time to go and quite honestly I don’t want to leave you in the care of people I don’t know (referring to the babysitters at the gym).  We actually didn’t use our membership through most of Mommy’s pregnancy simply because there was a heavy outbreak of the H1N1 flu in our area and we didn’t want to take any chances on Mommy catching anything (and gyms are breading grounds for yucky stuff!).  After wasting a TON of money on that membership last year, we wised up and made the cut.  Get this – we can actually pay for all of your formula, diapers, and wipes for an entire month and have money left over (to buy you some cute clothes of course) for our monthly gym membership fee. 

This doesn’t mean that we’ve given up on exercising or being healthy though, it’s actually quite the opposite.  We’re just finding more affordable ways to get Mommy back into shape.  Mommy and Daddy have always loved being outside and now that the weather is getting nice, well, that’s pretty much where you’ll find us.  If the weather isn’t cooperating, we’ll be working out inside – get used to seeing Mommy do some pretty goofy routines (thank you very much Exercise TV On Demand).  And know that it’s a very good thing to see Mommy dripping in sweat (I promise to take a shower before attempting to snuggle with you)!

So here’s the new workout equation:

one 14 pound baby + one pair of skechers shape-ups +  one jeep  stroller = your Mommy back in shape

So here we go … sit back, relax, watch Mommy sweat, and enjoy the view from that stroller!



I’m so thankful for …

4am feedings with you

the way you smile when I sing to you (no one has EVER done that)

the way you make cramming a fist into your mouth look cute

your laugh

your health

the way you splash around and enjoy bathtime

evening playtime for us with Daddy

your great sleeping habits

your sincere appreciation for my total lack of dancing skills

your cry




wordless wednesday …