I think I’m going to start a new category on this blog and we’ll file some of this information under Stuff I Want You to Know. 

Parking on sidewalks is not a good idea and just because you may see other people do it does not mean you should or that it is OK.  Now I’m not talking about some emergency situation that calls for drastic action (ie; burning building, earthquake, blah blah blah), I’m talking about when you pull into a parking lot or up to a bulding that has street parking.  You see my little sweetie, sidewalks were designed as a safe place for people to walk and roads were designed for cars to drive on … but apparently some people have gotten that confused. 

In addition to it not being safe … everyone (almost) who sees that you’ve done it will have to question your intelligence (with good reason).  The bottom line is this – don’t park on sidewalks (not even one tire) … and stay far far away from people who do.