Your stats as of last weeks check-up: 

12 pounds, 7 ounces (85th percentile) – that is up 1 pound, 6 ounces since your last visit. 

24.5 inches long (90-95th percentile) – you’ve grown 1 inch in the past month. 

This week's goal .... better napping!


Your personality is developing more and more everyday and it’s becoming quite clear that you prefer not having your routine messed with.  You wake up extremely happy in the mornings (a trait you definitely inherited from Daddy) with plenty of smiles to go around.  You are also beginning to laugh a little more and there is simply no sweeter sound to Mommy’s ears.  You have discovered your own voice and you seem to like hearing yourself chatter.  You play with the volume quite a bit, but when you are unhappy about something, your volume goes straight to LOUD!  And for the past few evenings you haven’t been very happy about going to bed.  I’m not sure why though, since your routine hasn’t changed, but let’s just say that we’d be delighted to see those little screaming tantrums vanish without a trace.  Your feeding routine has been pretty consistent as far as times are concerned, but you seem to be chowing down a little less formula at each feeding (compared to 2 weeks ago).  Napping is where we could use a little more routine … you’re showing yourself to be a cat-napper with 20 minutes here and 15 minutes there, but not having nice long naps at the same times everyday.  I do think that this may have something to do with your evening meltdowns, that you may just be overly tired or overly stimulated.  Mommy’s going to work with you this week and see if we can establish some specific napping times and make that more of a routine for you as well. 

You are a beautiful bundle of energy and I’m so excited to watch you grow.  You make Daddy and I smile and laugh everyday and even though you’ve only been with us for 2 and half months, you’ve changed our life forever.