So most people wouldn’t find it to be a smart idea to give up their gym membership right after having a baby, but that’s exactly what Daddy and I just did.  Here’s the deal … we love the gym that we belonged to but now that you’re with us, it’s been tough to find the time to go and quite honestly I don’t want to leave you in the care of people I don’t know (referring to the babysitters at the gym).  We actually didn’t use our membership through most of Mommy’s pregnancy simply because there was a heavy outbreak of the H1N1 flu in our area and we didn’t want to take any chances on Mommy catching anything (and gyms are breading grounds for yucky stuff!).  After wasting a TON of money on that membership last year, we wised up and made the cut.  Get this – we can actually pay for all of your formula, diapers, and wipes for an entire month and have money left over (to buy you some cute clothes of course) for our monthly gym membership fee. 

This doesn’t mean that we’ve given up on exercising or being healthy though, it’s actually quite the opposite.  We’re just finding more affordable ways to get Mommy back into shape.  Mommy and Daddy have always loved being outside and now that the weather is getting nice, well, that’s pretty much where you’ll find us.  If the weather isn’t cooperating, we’ll be working out inside – get used to seeing Mommy do some pretty goofy routines (thank you very much Exercise TV On Demand).  And know that it’s a very good thing to see Mommy dripping in sweat (I promise to take a shower before attempting to snuggle with you)!

So here’s the new workout equation:

one 14 pound baby + one pair of skechers shape-ups +  one jeep  stroller = your Mommy back in shape

So here we go … sit back, relax, watch Mommy sweat, and enjoy the view from that stroller!