Keeping track of your paci 🙂

You’ve been a great sleeper (5-6 hours at night) for several weeks now, so Mommy hasn’t been able to complain, but last night you went a whopping 7 hours and I’m going to call that officially sleeping through the night! Mommy on the other hand did not … I was awake as soon as it had been 5 hours and I figured I better get up and make sure you were still breathing since I hadn’t heard a peep out of you. There you were though, peacefully snoozing away in your bassinet. So, I climbed back into bed and waited and waited and waited …. for you to wake up. At 5:30am you started getting a little restless and Daddy and I figured you were hungry, so we both headed to the kitchen.

The beautiful part of this story is that our coffee maker kicks on at 5:23am, so the coffee was ready and waiting! Aaaaahhhhh

The not so beautiful part of this story is the gutwrenching screaming/crying fit that preceeded this full night of sleep. Yes, my dear, for about 6 hours (OK, it was really just 1 hour, but it felt like an eternity) last night you were inconsolable. After verifying that you were not hungry, didn’t have a dirty diaper, and were not bleeding (or otherwise injured), Daddy and I passed you back and forth trying various ways to calm you. No paci for you thank you very much … you just wanted to cry and drool and cram your fists into your mouth. We did a little online search to see if it was possible you could be teething already and as with all online searches, we found information to both support and deny that this could be the case. You finally settled down after an exhausting hour and then snuggled in close to me and drifted off to sleep. I let you sleep on me for about 45 minutes until it was time for your bottle. You pretty much slept through that feeding (but you did take almost the full bottle) and then it was off to la la land for you.

I encourage you to continue pursuing full nights of sleep as it’s good for all of us, but I have to discourage the use of tantrums in reaching this deep level of sleep. I know, I know, your cries are your way of communicating and Mommy is really working to understand just what you need. Please be patient with me as we figure this out together.

I love you so much and I’m proud of you for sleeping through the night … tonight I’m going for it with you!