Daddy says that I, not you, might have some attachment issues. That is why this past Saturday was such an accomplishment for me – I finally left you out of my care for the first time. OK, so I only left you with Daddy for about 45 minutes, but Mommy needs to take baby steps with this and one day I know you’ll understand. Afterall, who could leave this adorable face for any length of time?:

After asking Daddy a gazillion times if he was sure he was OK and didn’t “mind” my leaving, I finally climbed into the car with an empty car seat base parked in the back seat and pulled out of the driveway. Even though we haven’t been out much since you were born (thank you record snowfall), it still felt weird and I kept checking the rearview mirror as I crept down our street. I reached the stop sign and asked myself “what am I supposed to do with this time to myself?”. And then it dawned on me … I cranked up the heat on that leather seat, found some music that I love and proceeded to turn it up way too loud for a newborn – yeah, don’t mess with your Mommy, huh?

After racing through the bank drive through and a quick trip to the grocery, I headed over to the automatic carwash to finally get some of this 6 weeks worth of salt off of our car. I had snagged one of Daddy’s pre-paid coupons for the trip and handed it to the guy at the entry to the wash and then slipped the car into neutral. I, however, was not prepared for what happened next. As the car was slowly pulled along the track into the wash, the “swish, swish, swish” of the giant brushes instantly lulled me into what I would consider an “extremely relaxed” state. I don’t think I actually fell asleep and no drool was found anywhere on my person, but when I “came to” with those dryers blowing full blast on the car all I could think was “can I do that again …. please???”. Maybe someone could just hit reverse on those tracks and pull me back through …. or I’d be happy to drive back around to the entrance again. I’m not sure it’s worth another $12 for those 4 minutes of rest, but then again, it might be worth 10 times that!

So, yeah, maybe I’ve got attachment issues but I’m working on it. And next time I know you need to fall asleep but won’t … maybe, just maybe, Mommy will take you to the car wash and we’ll take a little nap together!

I love you my little sweetie!