Before we get started, let’s enjoy this cute little video from a week or so ago:

So much has happened in the past week for you … but here’s the quick rundown:
snow snow snow … thumbsucking … snow snow snow snow … dr. appointment … snow snow snow snow snow … first trip to the mall … MOOOORE SNOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!

Yes, we will always remember how snowy it was the winter you were born. Lucky for us, we don’t really have to go anywhere, so you and Mommy have pretty much been homebound since you were born. I seriously think we’ve only been out about 7 times total in the 7 weeks since you were born. We’re also really luck because not only do Mommy and Daddy own their own business, but this is the slow time of year, so Daddy gets to be home with us sometimes too. In fact, we can close up shop and work from home on a lot of days … like today … the snow is coming down heavy and Daddy went in to check on things, but is coming home to be safe with us.

Last week you found your thumb for real, not on accident like the other times … you were excited (so was Mommy) and I was so proud of your new ability to self sooth. I started envisioning how instead of fussing, you could simply shove that little thumb in your mouth and voila … pacifier always on hand (pun not intended, but still cute)! I mean think about it, you’d never have to fuss again. It was so cute to watch as you’d get that little thumb in your mouth and have the rest of your fingers sprawled across your face not knowing where else to put them. Then, seemingly just as quickly as you found that thumb, you seem to have misplaced it again. Don’t worry, it’s still attached, you’ve just decided that tucking it into your palm and folding your fingers over and then trying to shove your entire fist into your mouth is what you prefer these days … maybe it just got to easy for you and you needed more of a challenge … I knew you were an over-achiever!

We’ll chat more later about that doctor’s appointment you had last week … it deserves it’s own post. So, that’s all for now:)