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sleeping in the carwash

Daddy says that I, not you, might have some attachment issues. That is why this past Saturday was such an accomplishment for me – I finally left you out of my care for the first time. OK, so I only left you with Daddy for about 45 minutes, but Mommy needs to take baby steps with this and one day I know you’ll understand. Afterall, who could leave this adorable face for any length of time?:

After asking Daddy a gazillion times if he was sure he was OK and didn’t “mind” my leaving, I finally climbed into the car with an empty car seat base parked in the back seat and pulled out of the driveway. Even though we haven’t been out much since you were born (thank you record snowfall), it still felt weird and I kept checking the rearview mirror as I crept down our street. I reached the stop sign and asked myself “what am I supposed to do with this time to myself?”. And then it dawned on me … I cranked up the heat on that leather seat, found some music that I love and proceeded to turn it up way too loud for a newborn – yeah, don’t mess with your Mommy, huh?

After racing through the bank drive through and a quick trip to the grocery, I headed over to the automatic carwash to finally get some of this 6 weeks worth of salt off of our car. I had snagged one of Daddy’s pre-paid coupons for the trip and handed it to the guy at the entry to the wash and then slipped the car into neutral. I, however, was not prepared for what happened next. As the car was slowly pulled along the track into the wash, the “swish, swish, swish” of the giant brushes instantly lulled me into what I would consider an “extremely relaxed” state. I don’t think I actually fell asleep and no drool was found anywhere on my person, but when I “came to” with those dryers blowing full blast on the car all I could think was “can I do that again …. please???”. Maybe someone could just hit reverse on those tracks and pull me back through …. or I’d be happy to drive back around to the entrance again. I’m not sure it’s worth another $12 for those 4 minutes of rest, but then again, it might be worth 10 times that!

So, yeah, maybe I’ve got attachment issues but I’m working on it. And next time I know you need to fall asleep but won’t … maybe, just maybe, Mommy will take you to the car wash and we’ll take a little nap together!

I love you my little sweetie!


red eyes = healthy eyes?

First, let me start this post by telling you how much we LOVE and RESPECT your pediatrician, Dr. Irvin! It literally felt like we won the doctor lottery when we found him and we are thrilled to have Dr. Irvin caring for you (and we’re glad you love him too). At last week’s appointment, Dr. Irvin shared some really interesting information with us. He knows that Daddy and I are professional photographers and he said he knows that keeping the “red eye” out of photographs is our job, but …. with children it’s a good thing to see.

What? Red-Eye is a good thing in children’s photographs … why?

Sydney (with Daddy) showing off her healthy eyes!

Dr. Irvin told us that when we see red eye in photographs that it is a sign of healthy eyes. He said that when there are tumors, cataracs, glaucoma, and other eye disorders, they often show up in photographs. This certainly doesn’t mean that if a child’s eyes appear red then they can’t possibly have any problems, but what it does mean is that if one eye appears red and the other has a bright white reflection, then this may be something you would want to have checked out by a doctor.

Now the other big thing to note here is that in professional portraits, you shouldn’t see this anyway … we’re really just talking about snapshots that are taken with a flash in dim lighting. Under low light conditions, the pupil opens to let more light in so that we can see better. When the flash goes off, the pupil doesn’t have time to contract and the red that we see is actually the reflection off the healthy retina. If there is some kind of tumor or other disorder on the retina, we may get a white reflection instead of a red reflection. Lots of people like to use the red-eye reduction setting on their cameras to avoid this and that works by sending out a “pre-flash” so that the first flash causes your pupil to contract and the second one goes off when the picture is taken, thus removing the chance of seeing the retina reflection. Now Mommy and Daddy always knew what caused red-eye and of course how to avoid it, but we never knew that it was a sign of healthy eyes!

I know this is pretty scientific stuff, but one day you’ll understand it all – I promise. So the big lesson here is that even though we try to avoid red-eye in our photographs, we should be thankful when we see it every now and then as it’s a sign of healthy eyes. A big THANKS to Dr. Irvin for sharing this with us so that we can be better informed and pass it on to others.


Before we get started, let’s enjoy this cute little video from a week or so ago:

So much has happened in the past week for you … but here’s the quick rundown:
snow snow snow … thumbsucking … snow snow snow snow … dr. appointment … snow snow snow snow snow … first trip to the mall … MOOOORE SNOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!

Yes, we will always remember how snowy it was the winter you were born. Lucky for us, we don’t really have to go anywhere, so you and Mommy have pretty much been homebound since you were born. I seriously think we’ve only been out about 7 times total in the 7 weeks since you were born. We’re also really luck because not only do Mommy and Daddy own their own business, but this is the slow time of year, so Daddy gets to be home with us sometimes too. In fact, we can close up shop and work from home on a lot of days … like today … the snow is coming down heavy and Daddy went in to check on things, but is coming home to be safe with us.

Last week you found your thumb for real, not on accident like the other times … you were excited (so was Mommy) and I was so proud of your new ability to self sooth. I started envisioning how instead of fussing, you could simply shove that little thumb in your mouth and voila … pacifier always on hand (pun not intended, but still cute)! I mean think about it, you’d never have to fuss again. It was so cute to watch as you’d get that little thumb in your mouth and have the rest of your fingers sprawled across your face not knowing where else to put them. Then, seemingly just as quickly as you found that thumb, you seem to have misplaced it again. Don’t worry, it’s still attached, you’ve just decided that tucking it into your palm and folding your fingers over and then trying to shove your entire fist into your mouth is what you prefer these days … maybe it just got to easy for you and you needed more of a challenge … I knew you were an over-achiever!

We’ll chat more later about that doctor’s appointment you had last week … it deserves it’s own post. So, that’s all for now:)


I have just one question …

Mommy has her 6 week postnatal checkup tomorrow and there is 1 question at the top of my list for the doctor …

Is there a lost and found at the hospital? Because that is the last place I remember having my mind.

Prior to your arrival, I read lots of articles and stories about how women get “Mommy brain” and tend to be a little forgetful after a new baby arrives. I laughed a little as I read these stories and thought to myself “Those poor ladies – they were probably already like that though before they gave birth. That won’t be me.”

Take last night for instance – that little trip to Target for your diapers. You know I just really needed to get out of the house and Daddy was more than happy to be our chauffeur, but there was a list of things we needed (note to self: list should be written and not just mental) and it was good to be out. The biggest need we had though was your diapers and after strolling through the aisles and killing some time looking at anything and everything, we snagged a big box and headed to the registers. We paid the cashier and made our way to Daddy’s truck and as he fastened your seat in that’s when it happened … I realized that I had just purchased the wrong diapers. I looked at Daddy and said “WE (note I said we and not I) just bought the wrong freakin diapers!” Daddy then asked if it really mattered what we bought to which my reply was an “are you serious of course it matters” shake of the head and then I threw the diapers in the truck and said “Let’s just go”.

I was so upset with myself that I couldn’t handle going back in to return them right then. So we left and as we drove home I asked Daddy not to mention this to anyone (obviously I changed my mind about anyone knowing) because at that moment I felt like I must be losing my mind. Don’t worry, we did still have enough diapers to make it through a few more days so you weren’t going to be wrapped up in towels or anything.

Daddy just laughed about the whole scenario and keeps telling me that I am not losing my mind and that I just need some sleep … real sleep. How to get that is a mystery right now, so until then, please be patient with Mommy. I put empty containers back in the pantry instead of the garbage can and can’t find things that are directly in front of me, but I’m working on it.

And maybe just maybe you can teach me to sleep like a baby and this too shall pass!