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Happy due date!

You are officially due today and Mommy can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. Although I’ve been ready for you to arrive for the past couple of weeks (since Daddy was certain Dec 10th would be your big day), I realized yesterday that this is one time when I have no control. At our doctor’s appointment last Wednesday we were told the same thing for the third week in a row – your head is way down (believe me, I know), I’ve thinned out quite a bit, but still no dilation. Mommy’s doctor says 2 out of 3 is good and that it might mean that once labor starts it will go quickly. I like the sound of that!

This past week I spent a lot of time trying to coax you out with spicy food, fresh pineapple, and many of the other wives tales that claim to put women into labor. It was to no avail … I realize now that it’s more important that you are ready for this world than for me to just want you here. But deep down, I think you are a pleaser and already like to do things for other people just like Mommy and Daddy. Yesterday for example, I really wasn’t going to mind cancelling the appoinmtments that we had (I knew you’d be on your way) and our clients were on standby. At the end of our last appointment though, I found out that one of their family members was leaving for out of the country today and that yesterday was the only option for them to have this appointment together. So good work little one – because you hung in there, they now have a beautiful memory together that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Now Mommy is just going to try to relax and have absolute trust and faith that you’ll be here when it’s perfect for you to be here. Maybe you know better than Mommy what’s best right now … afterall, you have developed into this perfect little being all on your own while you’ve been inside me. I know that the choices that I’ve made are helping you to be the healthiest you can be, but you’ve developed an entire body – with a beating heart and working organs and arms and legs and a (hopefully not too big) head to protect your precious brain and mind, all without my touching you.

You truly are a miracle and Mommy is anxious to hold you!



38 and a half weeks …

Hey cutie patootie … it’s almost time for you to make your grand entrance … are you ready? Mommy feels like she’s ready and I think that Daddy is ready too.

Mommy has almost finished the Christmas shopping and it’s been VERY busy for the past few weeks. Thanks for holding out past Thanksgiving … you were officially considered full term as of the Sunday after.

This morning we go see one of Mommy’s doctors and check our progress. I’m hoping he tells us that you are ready to go … are you? Daddy has been predicting for a couple of months that tomorrow (Dec. 10) is when you’ll be making your arrival. You can’t imagine how happy he’ll be if he’s right … a little “i told you so” goes a long way! We’re having some pretty crazy weather here since there is a big winter storm moving through (but there are some old wives tales that state that this kind of weather can put a Mommy into labor). The worst of it is staying to the north of us, but I can already hear the incredibly high winds that were predicted for today picking up, and it rained pretty much all night last night. The temperature is supposed to drop all day today and the high temperature is only going to be in the 20s tomorrow. This is when a warm coat that actually fits me would come in handy.

You’re movements have been understandably fewer over the past week (I know, I know, you’re out of room – so is Mommy), but still plenty strong and you especially like to push a foot (or knee, I’m not sure) out on my right side. At last week’s doctor’s appointment I was told that your head was pretty low and I can certainly feel that as well. We definitely look and feel bigger, so you must be doing your one and only job of growing. You make your Mommy so proud already!

OK sweetie, I guess it’s now just up to you to decide when you’re ready. Daddy and I are anxious to meet you as is the rest of the family and I promise you the best is yet to come. You have no idea how much joy and excitement you’ve already brought to our lives and how much we look forward to holding you in our arms. So you just let Mommy know when you’re ready and we’ll see you soon!


By the way, the new plasma tv and sound system – all for you – Daddy figured we better have it ready before Christmas since we’ll be having so many guests (on your account of course – it had nothing to do with wanting a new one).